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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Good Class, Bad Cake


So I was googling for an image for my last post and I came across the above picture. And all I've got to say is, what the fuck sick bastard designed that? Who the hell would buy that? What kind of diseased mind would consent to eat it? Gag.

Anyway, my wife and I had our second Lamaze class last night and it was jam-packed with information. We went through relaxation exercises and breathing exercises and early signs of labor and mucous plugs and all that good stuff.

(It was actually a little disconcerting, because the horoscope on my Earthlink start page said yesterday that information would be coming at me fast and furious and I'd have to struggle to keep up. Horoscopes are almost always utter bullshit. Except the ones I write.)

Unfortunately, we still didn't come away from the class with anyone we could mock a great deal. There's one lady who's coaching for her friend who is a little annoying at times, but nothing all that bad. And a couple of the husbands were texting during the class. But that's it. There don't seem to be any huge idiots or assholes. don't suppose we're the idiots, do you?

Shit, that would suck.

Ugh. That's truly disgusting. I mean the cake.

And I find that your horoscopes are eerily correct.

I'll pass no judgment on whether your the ass in the class. I'm betting not.

Oh, and happy blogiversary.
The cake? Hideous.

We're doing our Lamaze class at the end of the month and because we have such a crazy schedule, we enrolled in an all day birthing extravaganza - 8 straight hours. I thought we could handle the length because there'd be lots of mocking material to keep us entertained, but your inability to find someone to laugh at is making me nervous.

Oh wait...this is Jersey. Of COURSE there will be people to mock.
Dude, if you even have to ask, you know you probably are.
That cake is 47 kinds of wrong. Icky and wrong.

...but I'll take the foot if no one else is having cake. What? I like cake, so sue me.
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