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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Painting II: The Bedroom

Got the one wall painted quite handily last week. It looks good, if you like fuckin' awesome-lookin' walls. Which I do. Things went so well that I'm taking it to the bedroom.

Okay, that was always the plan and wasn't based on the end results of my brush-efforts on the other side of the apartment.

Things are a little different in the bedroom, though. Mostly 'cause of the bed. Our bed has not changed spots since we moved in. And the space under the bed is the closest thing we've got to a storage unit. So there's a whole goddamn lot of stuff that needs to be shifted around.

In process of moving this massive amount of crap, I made the happiest discovery I've experienced in ages: I found my frisbee! I thought I'd lost it last year and spend a full month in mourning. (I wore a whole lot of black.) But now I have it again, just in time for summer to end! Huzzah! Sheep Meadow, here I come!