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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Summer Reading Project Update

So we're now a full week into August. I go back to work on the 27th (but not before I get to experience the unbridled joy of jury duty next week!). In short, summer's already winding down. And have I kept pace with my previously discussed reading plans? Not to put too fine a point on it: Fuck no.

It's not entirely my fault, though. I put the toughest read on my list first. John Adams was really interesting. I always like reading a book after seeing the movie adaptation, because you get all the good shit they had to leave out. He was a complex guy living in complex times who had complex relationships. The thing is, as much as I enjoyed it, John Adams is the sort of book that takes me a long time to get through. There are so many details to keep straight. It's not chock-full of breezy, quick-to-read dialogue, like a novel. And it was really fucking heavy, so I was tired when I was reading it. Anyway, the point is, it took me awhile.

Then my reading schedule got completely fucked up when we visited with some friends of ours. These friends of ours live in Baltimore, but are moving way, way far away soon. Which sucks, because now they won't be a nice little five hour drive away. Blerg. So, when we hooked up with these friends and their two awesome boys, they'd brought with them a big-ass bag of comics that I'd loaned them two years ago. (Roughly)

The bag contained the entire runs of Starman and Preacher, as well as the first five volumes of Y: The Last Man. So you can see why I had no choice but to put my other reading on hold and plow through each of those series again. It's not like I had a choice or anything.

When I finished those this week, I finally started in on my library books. I finished The Chris Farley Show in relatively short order and am nearly halfway through Born Standing Up, which I started this morning. Show biz memoirs don't seem to take long to read, do they? Huh.

I've got Ragtime and The Road sitting on the desk in front of me, ready and waiting when I'm done with Steve Martin. And I just got word that Soon I Will Be Invincible is now at the library for me. Still waiting on my Hammett stories and Confederacy of Dunces. Who knew it'd take that frigging long for them to come in? I sure didn't know that. That's who.

To sum up, then: Big books make my brain hurt and I get distracted by pretty pictures.